Sales & Marketing

Rocky Mountain Concepts strives to be the number one sales organization for our vendors, and in many cases we are. We have a team of associates with extensive marketplace knowledge and experience in both the retail and wholesale industries. We know the vendors products and business functions, and we understand the retailers various challenges, wants and needs and work hard to successfully connect the two parties.

We are always looking for new customers and vendors in various markets to help create a unique niche and lasting opportunity. Because of our longevity, we have deep and sturdy roots within various markets, customers and industries, which allows us to help businesses succeed. With our strong marketing efforts and long standing relationships, we provide better market penetration and more rapid access to customers, which results in long-term business partnerships for all. We cover many of the vendors’ marketing, sales, recruiting and other expenses, as well as, make the buying process smooth, seamless and successful for our retailers.  We make every effort to provide outstanding customer service and follow up in order to build lasting opportunity and success for all parties.

Rocky Mountain Concepts continually strives to grow and improve our business relationships and we think of ourselves as partners, working in tandem with customers and vendors to build successful and sustainable businesses for all. We are always seeking new partnerships and opportunities. Join us and we promise to continually strive to grow and improve our businesses together!