Company History

It is because of their appreciation for the great outdoors, combined with an innate drive for entrepreneurship and strong ideals of the American dream, that Dennis and Leslie Greer created Rocky Mountain Concepts.

In 1979 Dennis and Leslie poured their entire life’s savings (which was virtually nothing at the time) into the American dream of starting their own business. They hit the road running with their newly purchased motor home and traveled all throughout the northwest and Rocky Mountain region. Through growing up in both the retail and wholesale ends of business, Dennis was confident they could create an opportunity for others to appreciate. And, sure enough, they did. Living on the road, they quickly learned many of the challenges, opportunities and idiosyncrasies of businesses throughout the region and from that, they found their niche.

In 1982, after being on the road for a few years, they decided that their new home would be in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in the beautiful state of Colorado. They loved being surrounded by the nature of Colorado and its many majestic peaks. A couple of years after moving, Rocky Mountain Concepts was born.

Dennis and Leslie immediately started to grow their business as they began their transition from living on the road, to creating the business infrastructure needed for their customers and manufacturers. They soon established their ideal showroom, which is one of the most prominent and highly recognized showrooms in the Denver Merchandise Mart. It has been a nonstop journey from there and the business has continued to blossom.

Most important of all, Dennis and Leslie have made an adventure of their business. Throughout the journey and birth of Rocky Mountain Concepts, they have had an incredibly fun and rewarding time developing the many relationships which they still hold today. They continue to work together with their retailers and vendors, as partners, in their quest to create successful businesses.